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GEM orangery carvi This is classic stone at its best. Because it is ultra hard and exceptionally tough it can be cut into large flagstone sizes giving a room breadth and the feel of luxury. These large panels are available in sizes up to 1100x450mm and only 10mm thick and are ideal for walls and floors.

The rock hard nature of this naturally quarried material gives the stone
real advantages not least its strength. It enables it to be cut to half the thickness of many marbles and limestones.

Being only half the thickness it is only half the weight and can therefore be used almost anywhere in the house even on suspended floors.

This ultra-hard material must not be confused with cheap, softer, low quality limestones and travertine offering poor durability.
See explanation.

Large flagstone sizes of Carvi Fossile 10mm thick with an antique finished surface sealed with a product we have used for over
twenty years
GEM Giallo random GEM crema wetroom GEM rosato flagstone
Giallo random length flooring only 15mm thick with antique finish and sealed surface Large 10mm thick flagstones of random length in Crema with an antique finish and sealed surface Rosato flagstones only 15mm thick with an antique finish and sealed surface
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