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GEM vizag granite worktop When looking for granite there are several important issues. Try not to order from a small sample. At GEM you choose the actual slab.

Black granites are becoming less popular although they look great under halogen lighting in the showroom, many customers find them difficult to keep clean even with the costly maintenance kits some companies sell.

Our deep coloured granites are kept clean with mild soapy water and have a richness and warmth under both natural and artificial lighting. Their individual characteristics are natural and cannot be mistaken for bland granites or plastic copies.

When you order with us the same masons you meet in the factory will template and fit at your home.

Vizag granite hand selected and beautifully matched with an ultra hard limestone floor.
GEM aurora granite worktop GEM funil granite worktop GEM  worktop grooves
Aurora granite is extremely difficult to match but the best artisans in our company did it with style Funil granite with shelf linking through to adjoining area with pink stone floor. Our grooves are hand made and not milled out flat by machine. They are wider and deeper towards the sink so they actually drain away properly.
GEM  himalaya granite worktop GEM  smarcanda granite worktop GEM  verde mare granite worktop
Himalaya granite one of the hardest of all granites Samarcanda granite worktops splashbacks and sill with a real stone floor. Verde Mare granite probably the most exciting green granite with an ultra hard limestone floor.
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