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GEM carvi fossile limestone bathroom Outstandingly beautiful but unbelievably competitive are these huge 10mm (1cm) thick panels. Only the strongest stone with the latest in technology enable them to be cut so thin. They can be installed with tile adhesive. Panels this size are normally 20mm (2cm) and have to be anchored with steel cramps and corbels and are often too heavy for upstairs bathrooms.

Our 10mm (1cm) panels over 1 metre by nearly half a metre wide are therefore half the weight of 20mm(2cm) panels. Our natural product is sealed and is easy to keep clean.

This ultra-hard material must not be confused with cheaper, softer, low quality limestones and travertine offering poor durability. See explanation.

Carvi Fossile limestone with an antique finish up to ceiling height with polished limestone slab to vanity units and horizontal areas.
GEM crema limestone bathroom GEM rosa limestone bathroom GEM limestone wetroom
Crema 1cm panels to dado with sculptured dado rail but rising to full height in the shower. Rosa 1cm panels with sculptured dado rail Panels to ceiling and cut to curve to archway
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