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GEM laura limestone panel
These stunning limestone and marble panels are only 1cm thick yet they are ultra hard and light enough to be used anywhere in the house

This is classic stone at its best. Because it is ultra hard and exceptionally tough it can be cut into large flagstone and panels over 1 metre by 450mm. These large dimensions give a room breadth. However they are also available in random sizes should it be more appropriate to your interior design or room size.

The real advantage of this ultra-hard stone is that it can be cut to only 10mm (1cm) thick. That’s less than half the usual thickness of most other natural stone enabling it to be used anywhere in the house. Even on suspended floors and plasterboard walls.

Features include:

 Easy to install

 Costs less that some ceramic tiles

 Supplied in sizes up to 1100mm x 450mm and only 10mm thick

 Also available in random lengths

 Walls can be finished with matching dado rail or edging sections

 Choice of materials

 Most available in antiqued or polished finish

 Stone not lacquered but impregnated with silicone for lasting protection

We can also supply certain marbles and granites as lightweight panels

GEM carvi fossile sample GEM crema sample GEM rosso sample GEM rosa sample

Carvi Fossile (close up)

Crema (close up)

Rosso (close up)

Rosa (close up)
GEM crema limestone panels GEM dado

Matching dado rails
Skirting to order in limestone, marble or granite
GEM skirting

Crema panels
GEM carvi fossile limestone shower   GEM carvi fossile limestone panels GEM rosa limestone panels

Carvi Fossile panels

Carvi Fossile panels

Rosa panels